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Cirquelesque & Burlesque

Joshua Dean Cirquelesque

Joshua Dean is the "Cirquelesque Sensation of NYC" and the 2019 Mr. Exotic World, which is his third title from the Burlesque Hall of Fame...aka the Olympics of Burlesque.  He has been performing his special blend of circus and burlesque since 2007.  Whether he is stripping while hanging upside down from a trapeze, or clowning on the ground, his combination of humor, abs, and acrobatics in the air or on the ground will have you screaming and cheering for more.

He is one half of 2toFly, The Acrobatic Teasers, with his partner Benjamin Franklin.  In 2016, he and Ben won Best Small Group at the Burlesque Hall of Fame competition in Las Vegas.

Joshua is one of the core members of NYC's award winning burlesque troupe BOYS' NIGHT: All Male Cirquelesque Revue.  Their monthly show can be seen the first Thursday of every month at The Slipper Room.

Photo by Mark Shellby Perry

"The husky beefcake man-meat of 2 To Fly doing a strip/reverse strip as one dressed the other while the other undressed the one—all through duo acrobatics. These two boys—fun, hot, strong as hell, and making me question my number on the Kinsey scale. " 

- J.D Oxblood: Burlesque Beat

Joshua Dean is proof that good things come in small

packages. He may be short, but this guy is one hell of an acrobat, as he proved balancing on enough chairs to make me feel genuinely uncomfortable, or on a rope, or with no props at all. 

- EDGE Magazine

Josh is characterized by his short, blond mohawk, vine tattoo, bright smile. That smile usually dons his face when performing a quirky duo with Ben, a solo aerial act, or intermission dance in the audience. But his range isn't limited to circus whimsy. His introductory rope act to a haunting a cappella rendition of Dolly Parton's "Little Sparrow" gave me shivers reminiscent of those I had during Alison Krauss' musical performances in Cold Mountain.

- Guy Social

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